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  • Expert E-share trading Management System.
  • E share-ability to handle member’s e-wallet accounts realized the 3-in-3-out trading performance, the program may automatically buy and promote the E-share based on 3-in-3-.
  • Ability to manually divide allotment of shares, the share, ability limit the time and to correct the share price & day of purchasing.
  • The E-discuss Management System will automate the nature of sophistication of E-discuss, tremendously reduce the need for individual works to lessen malfunctions, the reward will likely be calculated automatically by the program.
  • Entire features for member’s e-wallet direction, the transactions & profit statement (Background) are see-through to supply a hassle-free trading system.
  • Using the use of bonus calculations machine that is the expert, the server is highly safe and protected by first class firewall standard, the administrative centre of associates are reliable highly secured and easy to use & navigate interface.
  • A secured method will promote dependability, speedy computations for your own elaborate compensation plan, instantaneous calculations or a specific day computations could be done, the program may able to automatically back-up for risk-management function.